Fan filter units for allergy sufferers
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A solution dedicated for allergy sufferers who want to eliminate allergens from the air.
ALERtec ensures filtration of airborne solid particles from the air. Effective in case of particles with a size of at least 2.5 µm.



Filtration eliminates the flow of particles, such as mineral particles, dust, pollens, fungi spores, coal dust, animal hair, fine ash particles.

Carefully selected materials are used in the three-stage filtration process. The device ensures filtration of airborne solid particles from the air up to PM2.5.
Its configuration allows for installation both in existing heat recovery systems, as well as standalone devices for autonomous operation.

Every artificial ventilation system that offers air supply or air supply and exhaust can be extended with an additional ALERtec device.


ALERtec is designed for thorough air filtration. Removes airborne solid pollutants. Filtering accuracy depends on the filtration inserts used.

The device filters air, removing particles of up to 2.5 µm.

ALERtec was designed specifically for operation with THERMOtec filtration modules and devices, i.e. ALERtec, ODORtec, SMOGtec, BYpass, INlet, OUTlet.

ALERtec is a module with 3-stage air filtration. Specially selected filtration inserts ensure G4, F7 and E11 class filtration.

The condition of each filter is analyzed in real time. An assembly of four pressure transducers coupled with an automation system controls the filters depletion level.

Technical Data

ALERtec is available in the ranges shown in Table. Model variety is the consequence of the air flow they are able to process.

The device's automation system analyzes air quality and amount of pollution in the air. Once the admissible level is exceeded, the device is automatically activated.

ModelAir flowPower supplyPower consumptionFlow resistanceDevice dimensions
m³/hV ACWPa(W) x (H) x (L) mm
Compact R0-400230125220-540780x300x780

Equipment Configurations


Below is a sample application diagram for the ALERtec fan filter unit with a typical recuperator.

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