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A solution designed specifically to remove smog from the air. Designed for treating air supplied to housing and utility facilities.



A solution designed specifically to remove smog from the air supplied to housing and utility facilities.

Ever more stringent air purity standards and a conscious need to live in neutral environment have become a challenge for us. This contributed to designing a series of devices filtering airborne solid tar particles from the air.

National and European air purity standards force manufacturers and users of solid fuel boilers to increase their awareness concerning the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Whereas modern boilers are fitted with technology that secures high performance and low-emission operation, the majority of buildings and households are still using old combustion technologies.

This results in emissions of huge amounts of harmful substances into the atmosphere, especially during the heating period. The smog appearing over the majority of Polish cities and towns is a scourge to their inhabitants.


We are all exposed to inhaling harmful substances. Even those living in modern buildings are not free from this threat.

New buildings are fitted with artificial ventilation systems featuring heat recovery. In most cases, air filters used in air handling units and recuperators only provide G4 or M5 filtration class, which only protects against larger solid particles – above PM15. Finer particles easily penetrate into our homes, flats and bodies. The impact of dust on living organisms is nothing but negative.

SMOGtec was designed specifically for operation with THERMOtec filtration modules and devices, i.e. ALERtec, ODORtec, BYpass, INlet, OUTlet.

SMOGtec is an electrostatic air filtration module that ensures filtration of solid particles up to PM1, mainly those originating from combustion.

Technical Data

SMOGtec is available in the ranges shown in the table below. Model variety is the consequence of the air flow they are able to process.

ModelAir flowPower supplyPower consumptionFlow resistanceDevice dimensions
m³/hV ACWPa(W) x (H) x (L) mm
Compact R0-4002306550390x390x396

Equipment Configurations


Below is a sample application diagram for the SMOGtec fan filter unit with a typical recuperator.

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