Who we are

We design and manufacture filtration equipment and metal sheet ventilation systems.

We manufacture HVAC systems to meet the individual needs of our customers. We implement rectangular and circular ventilation systems. We deliver the components necessary for building a ventilation system – wherever air transfer is required.

We offer ductwork fittings, circular and rectangular ducts, flange elements connected with hasps, insulated ducts and ventilation terminations of all types: wall intakes and outlets, ventilation dampers and silencers. Everything you need to build an external or internal system. 

We manufacture THERMOtec filtration equipment, dedicated for air cleaning. We offer a line of filtration products for residential, commercial and production applications. They are used in new installations, as well as for retrofitting existing systems.

2014 year
20 people
Production efficiency
10 000 m2/mc
Implemented innovation
Current projects B+R