About us


We know your needs – we know the needs first hand and are familiar with the HVAC installation industry
We have a vision – we believe in simple and transparent solutions
We have expertise – we are well-versed in the CAD, CAM and ERP processes; we specialize in design, manufacturing and delivery
We are happy – we like what we do


What's in it for you?

Precision – ordering through an online system
Shorter lead times – orders placed online are completed sooner
Transparency in documentation flow – the customer receives a complete order fulfillment documentation package
Product traceability – every product is labeled with a unique code so we can trace its history
Quality – multistage quality control path
On-time delivery – with our own transport fleet, we deliver to the destination at the specified time
Savings – time is the most expensive currency; with our organizational solutions you need less time to complete freight

How do we do it?

Individually designed ventilation systems require a specific approach, which is what we do for you!
Everyday, we strive for ergonomics and efficiency, without losing sight of the environment.
Our team includes young, active people used to tackling daily challenges in their work.
We seek new solutions and improved ways of reaching the goal.


Our vision

Considering increasing environmental exigencies, we seek new technological solutions in air distribution and treatment. This way, we introduce and deploy technologies based on international standards.

We aspire to be an innovative partner and a solution provider for anyone who expects accurate air processing.